Hydrogenated Carboxylated Acrylonitrile-Nitrile Rubber (HXNBR) exhibits significantly higher tear strength at high temperatures when compared to regular HNBR and higher tensile strength and higher elongation at break than either regular HNBR or XNBR. This material has improved heat and ozone resistance compared to XNBR while providing superior abrasion resistance  - better than both HNBR & XNBR.


HXNBR can provide excellent service life in applications such as oilfield, automotive, and refrigerants. Dynamic applications requiring long service life or in abrasive environments are especially well suited to HXNBR. Internally lubricated compounds are outstanding for extended wear dry air applications.


The service temperature range is generally -40° to 300° F (-40° to 150° C), but can be extended in special applications. PAI offers HXNBR compounds in a hardness of 90 durometer. Black is the standard color.

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55997 N/A 90 N/A Black N/A Extended Wear, Internally Lubricated N/A Y N/A Y
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