What Makes Multiseal® Low Friction Seals Seals Better?
  • A better seal – The multi-lobed design provides more sealing surfaces than standard O-Rings.
  • Increases life for the seal ring – With multiple seal points, less squeeze is required to provide an effective seal. This meansless friction and wear which will increase seal life and lower maintenance costs.
  • Prevents spiral failure – The square cross sections resist distortion called “spiral twist” that may be encountered when using O-Rings.
  • Puts parting lines where they belong – Unlike an O-Ring, where the parting line is found on the only sealing surface, theparting lines of Multiseal® low friction seals and X-Ring compression seals are located in the center of the cross section away from the primary sealing surfaces.
  • Better lubricant retention – The grooves on the inside and outside diameter of these rings retain lubricant thereby lowering friction and extending packing life.
  • Saves space, reduces cost – One Multiseal® low friction seal can replace two U-Cups in many applications.
  • Less force, better seal – Lower breakaway force and reduced operating pressures make them ideal in reciprocating applications.
  • The right fit – Multiseal® low friction seals will fit in standard O-Ring grooves

  • Click here to view our Multiseal & X-Ring Brochure.
Unit of Measure

C/S (inches)

N/A .070

C/S Tol +/-

N/A .003

I.D. (inches)

N/A .301

I.D. Tol +/-

N/A .005

O.D. (REF) (inches)

N/A .441

Nominal C/S (inches)

N/A 1/16

Nominal I.D. (inches)

N/A 5/16

Nominal O.D. (inches)

N/A 7/16