1. The four lobed design provides twice the sealing surface of a standard O-Ring.
  2. Because of the double-sealing action, less squeeze is required to maintain an effective seal. The reduction in squeeze means less friction and wear which will increase seal life and lower maintenance costs.
  3. Unlike an O-Ring where the parting line is found on the sealing surface, the X-Ring seals' parting line is located between the lobes away from the sealing surface.
  4. The four-lobed configuration of the X-Ring resists distortion called "Spiral Twist" that is sometimes encountered by an O-Ring.
  5. The grooves on the inside and outside diameter of the X-Ring retain lubricant thereby lowering friction and extending packing life.
  6. The X-Ring fits into grooves designed for and O-Ring so there should be limited problems retrofitting the seal

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Unit of Measure


C/S (inches)

N/A .070

C/S Tol +/-

N/A .003

I.D. (inches)

N/A .145

I.D. Tol +/-

N/A .005

O.D. (REF) (inches)

N/A .285

Nominal C/S (inches)

N/A 1/16

Nominal I.D. (inches)

N/A 5/32

Nominal O.D. (inches)

N/A 9/32